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Bmusic Ltd. are an independent Brighton based production organisation with a focus on music entertainment. We produce two television shows for regional channel Latest TV (Noise Reel & The Brighton Album Chart Show), we have contracts with events and festivals for live filming and we work with local music businesses and artists to develop bespoke content such as music videos and promotional media.
Our team includes experienced industry professionals whilst also providing vital hands-on experience and tutoring opportunities to promising young operatives and developing technicians, many through partnerships with local colleges.

Entertainment production-wise our mantra is ‘to bring the South Coast scene to your screens’ and we will keep evolving to do that in a way that serves our audience and supports the regional music community, with an unwavering mission, to bring this diverse, stand-out musical scene to people worldwide.

If you are looking for video/audio services Bmusic Ltd. have the crew and capabilities to make your objectives an affordable reality, from collection to delivery, whatever your music based business or endeavour.
We have a passion for capturing musical events and entertainment for on­-screen use, whether that be television programming, bespoke event filming or run-­and-­gun interview projects, thus the people in our organisation have built up experience in many different music orientated situations and we are more than comfortable in these environments.

We look forward to talking to you about your requirements


Planning, Production, Direction

Could your event benefit from video exposure? Do you need an established crew for a music orientated shoot on a budget? Bmusic Ltd. are thorough in our planning, prep and ensuring the project is directed to meet the client brief in terms of style, content and professionalism Why trust us? Our service is based on honesty and ambition, we know we are an emerging brand with some developing members of our team, and yet we are expanding rapidly. In only our second year are working with the Brighton Music Conference, Shakedown Festival, Mammothfest, Festival of Sound and Breakout Festival on demanding briefs delivered to budget and we are confident of adapting to any requirement. We have worked with brands as diverse as SKINT records, Brighton’s Finest, Brighton Music Conference, BN1 Magazine, Mammothfest, Festival Of Sound and more…


Video & Audio capture

Need a team of videographers and audio technicians to capture footage at a musical event.
Need affordable extra camera/audio crew to complete an understaffed production team.

We understand that across the music industry demands are high for consistent quality video to engage an audience, but it’s hard to find room in the budgets to make that impact with video. That’s where we come in..
Whether you are a developing brand looking for video exposure or a flourishing organisation seeking new video edge to audience interaction we are keen to collaborate with established and emerging local brands to work to your budget so lets sit down and talk.

Bmusic operatives for video capture, audio capture and post production editing and mixing are available to hire, either as an addition to existing crew or as a complete package.
Recently 5 of our team merged with operatives from Lip Up Media so that they could deliver a pilot pitch for National TV. We provided Director, Camera crew, audio technician for live music elements as well as a runner / assistant.

Talk to us about your needs, budget and objectives and we can look at our roster of South Coast videographers to suit the type of event or style of production you are working on.


Post-Production, Editing & Animation

Do you have existing footage from a musical event and are looking to turn it into something useable for purpose or a production. Do you need extra editors to turn around a project quickly. We have helped bands turn a summer’s worth of footage into a music video and produced festival highlights reels for the likes of Shakedown Festival, Breakout and Mammothfest. Our editors have worked on projects for brands including; AECOM, Knorr, Voyages to Antiquity Cruises, Maxell, Sandisk and Latest TV. If you have completed video edits then we can add graphics and animation in line with your brief and give it a uniquely branded and style

Content Delivery

People are consuming content at faster rates and expecting video content as a means of engagement more and more. Bmusic are not just about the capture of video, we ensure you have what you need when you need it to engage your audience and keep your brand in people’s minds, all planned around your marketing and promotion timetable. Bmusic have worked with the CEOs and PR managers of varied musical events and we can provide a tailored service to meet your particular event cycle. Our editors can work with you to produce video content at appropriate durations determined by use, style guidelines and enhance video content with logo and branding animations, messages and interactivity.



Music Video and Live Performance Filming

Whether concept video or capturing raw live energy we can get what you need to make a statement.
Our experience in live music environments means that we can adapt to venue, stage and audience and use available angles to get the best live video and audio footage for your production.
If you are looking for a more concept based music video then whatever your genre, idea and budget we would love to sit down and discuss your ideas.
Directors and editors in our team have worked with bands including; The Galleons on ‘The Hidden Colour’ and Birdeatsbaby on ‘Baby Steps’ & ‘My Arms Will Open Wide’ as well as on his own short film projects.
As well as the many Bsession recordings we have filmed with artists for our monthly TV show we official videographers for Mammothfest from 2015 and Sofar Sounds Brighton as of Summer 2016.



Event & Festival filming

Are you a new festival looking to make a splash that tells the story, grabs attention and gets shared? Are you keen to keep your event or festival in peoples minds throughout the year or at key times? Bmusic specialize in capturing event and live music footage and working with the customer to present it in the right way, at the right time to engage their audience. Bmusic have worked with a diverse array of South Coast organisations to produce videos promoting or highlighting events that both entice potential punters and keep the excitement of the event potent throughout the year. We have worked with Shakedown Festival, Breakout Festival, Brighton Music Conference, Festival Of Sound and Mammothfest among others..

Sponsorship, Product Placement

Our content provides unique opportunities to get your brand in front of a general music enthusiastic, South Coast audience as well as particular niches of musical communities.

Bmusic are producing original music content to audiences through regional TV channel Latest TV (Freeview #7 & Virgin #159) as well as online via our Youtube and Facebook portals.
Combined potential reach is in the hundreds of thousands via the channel’s regional coverage and online streaming portals and TV in itself could be a major, and traditionally out of reach, source of exposure for festivals, promoters, venues and other such businesses.
Please get in touch to talk in more detail about your brand or product and the exposure your are looking for.

We exclusively cover niche music events such as the Brighton Music Conference and Mammothfest and so our content reaches a wide spread of niche audiences as well as local music audiences and our regular programmes and musical output are all available for sponsorship on an ongoing or genre specific basis.
– Noise Reel (a music news and entertainment magazine style show)
– Brighton Album Chart Show
(a monthly music video chart compiled only from physical sales from a cult records store)
– Our branded live Bsessions with local and touring artists

For 2 years running Pluginboutique.com have sponsored our exclusive footage from the Brighton Music Conference with their brand appearing in our May Noise Reel BMC special show seen both on Latest TV and shared with thousands across social media.

Product Placement
Whether you are a clothing brand or musical instrument or drinks brand your product could be featuring in our programming and seen by thousands. We have previously worked with Severed Hand Clothing who’s emblazoned beanie appeared on our Latest TV channel advert in summer 2015.


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